VBulletin Integration Services For Nanacast

If you are thinking of setting up a forum and need to have it integrated with Nanacast, then we have the answer. Our friend over at Nanabuilder specializes in just that. I recommend you use this service.

Here’s Why?

Running a forum is not for the fainthearted. Not only do you have to create content for hungry members you also have to worry about the set-up. Unfortunately, creating the content to feed members can take a lot of time.

Setting up a membership forum is also just as complex – particularly if you don’t have the technical know how. Rather than try and do everything yourself, it is much easier (and quicker) to outsource all the bits that don’t need YOU.   If you try and do it all yourself, it can only mean one thing – it will take months before it is ready.

And of course, the longer it takes to launch your forum membership, the longer it will be before you can recover your investment in time and money. We recommend outsourcing a lot of work so you can focus on the marketing to recruit new members or the content for your existing customers.

The solution

If you already have the VBulletin software and need help with having your VBulletin software integrated with Nanacast, then we can definitely recommend the service provided by the team at Nanabuilder.

There are three levels of service available including basic, advanced and comprehensive. The basic service assumes you are starting fresh and have no members to import. The advanced service is for people who have members in Nanacast need to have members imported into VBulletin. The comprehensive service assumes nothing – everything related to integrating Nanacast with VBulletin is included. This includes setting up VBulletin, creating a membership in your Nanacast account, and importing users.

I’ve used some of the products that the people at Nanabuilder have created and they are nothing short of sensational – time saving and worry free. Based on my experience, I highly recommend the team at Nanabuilder. You can check out their VBulletin integration services here.

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