Nanacast Review and Bonus Offer

Nanacast is a powerful business tool and is great for creating membership sites and shopping carts.We use it and love it and are lucky to have found it early on without having had to have gone through the pain of using some other systems. We did consider using Delavo however the cost to have the same features that Nanacast have was $497 per month which was more than 5 times the cost of Nanacast.  Some cool things we like and dislike about Nanacast are below:

No need to update scripts

One of the things I really like about Nanacast is that you never have to update scripts or software for Nanacast to work. This can be very annoying with wordpress let alone with some other membership programs.  I am very happy that I do not need to constantly update software.

Powerful affiliate program that prevents affiliate fraud

The second thing that I like about Nanacast is its very powerful affiliate program.  Because Nanacast tracks by cookie and IP address, it can help prevent affiliates from buying off their own link. You can also track clients through the sales funnel which means your affiliates can be credited for other sales later (provided they are still last referrer).

You can adjust affiliate commissions for special affiliates and you can vary the commission amounts for trials and monthly subscriptions.  I have had several people come to me for help to move them from a popular membership site program to Nanacast. The main reason for the switch has been because Nanacast’s affiliate program is far more powerful than the solution that they had.

One click upsells

Nanacast has a powerful upsell and downsell system which can be used if you have a merchant or Paypal account. The upsell system is smoother for people with merchant accounts such as than with Paypal. The reason for this is that Paypal itself do not handle upsells.  You can still use the feature with Paypal but the main difference is that your customer will need to pay the initial transaction first before being offered the upsell whereas with a merchant account the customer is offered the upsell before they check out.

Choose between self hosted or Nanacast hosted sales pages

One cool thing is that you can create and host sales pages inside of Nanacast or on your own website.  This means that you don’t even need to have your own website to sell a product. Of course, if you have your own website then that isn’t a problem either.  Personally I prefer to have my sales page on my own website but it is nice to have the option to have it hosted by Nanacast. You get the same options for thankyou pages and content pages.

Email Integration

Nanacast easily integrates with popular email programs such as Aweber, Mail Chimp, Get Response, iContact and even Office Auto Pilot.  You just set the parsing function in your autoresponder program and you are done. You can set up multiple lists for different products and you can even set unsubscribe rules so you can followup with your customer. This is very powerful.

Easy to use wizards

Nanacast have wizards which help guide you through the process of setting your product or membership. This makes things easier to set up. However, because there are so many features, some have said that Nanacast is difficult to use.  This is quite true. It is definitely not easy for first time users and like many things, there is a considerable learning curve attached

It took me quite a few months and several support calls before I really understood it.  Because of this, I decided to create Membership Tutor which essentially provides a tutorial on how to use Nanacast and set up a membership site and how to use many of the features of Nanacast.


Because we know from experience that there is quite a learning curve attached when you start using Nanacast, we are willing to offer our Membership Tutor product free for anyone who signs up to Nanacast using our link. To claim Membership Tutor, you need to click on our Nanacast link and then send an email using the contact form on this site. We will check that the sale has been made and respond within 24 hours.

Need Help?

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of setting Nanacast up yourself, we provide a membership site set up service that can be tailored to your requirements.

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