A Range of Membership Site Services To Suit Your Needs

Apart from our Done for You Membership Site Packages, we also offer:

  • Create a Member Plus Private One on One Coaching / Training via Skype or Go To Webinar
  • Membership Tutorials via Our “Membership Tutor” Training Guide and Video Series

Create a Member Plus includes 1 or 2 hours consulting time and has been designed for those people who require additonal services or who would like to learn how to manage this themselves.  The session is interactive – you can ask questions, get answers and even share screens so you’ll be comfortable with what you’re learning. It can be broken down into half hour sessions.

What Other Membership Site Services Do You Provide?

While we can arrange to have the basics put in place quickly, here are some other things you can request, but this will add time to your project.

  1. We can add your materials to the membership site.  This just depends on the amount of material, the format, etc. Our packages allow up to 4 products with a maximum of 4 peices of content per product / memberships.
  2. We can write material on some topics for your membership site.
  3. We can test your membership site sales pages to optimize the purchase process.
  4. We can do online PR and promotion of your membership site.
  5. We can do a link building campaign for your membership site.
  6. We can do limited custom coding of your template or build custom tools for your membership site.
  7. We can install additional plug-ins for your membership site.

Need a More Customized Solution?

Book a consultation with us to discuss your requirements.