Create A Membership Team Launches Nanacast Setup Service

Nanacast is fast becoming the provider of choice for those wanting to establish quality affiliate management programs, online membership sites, and WordPress shopping cart integration. It is a powerful and comprehensive system, and now a done-for-you service has been launched by Create A Membership to ensure users enjoy all of the features Nanacast has to offer.

Melbourne, Australia (Vocus/PRWEB) February 01, 2011

There is little doubt that membership sites have become big business in the internet marketing world. Through them merchants are able to liaise closely with their clients, provide them with course material, digital products and other information and tools reserved solely for their members.

“For years online businesses have struggled with cumbersome and inefficient systems when trying to create membership sites,” says Carol Poole, Co-founder of Create A Membership. “For high-level and ethical internet marketing, there are protocols to be observed, and payment processing and autoresponder services to be integrated. “

Ms Poole explained that to create a membership program can be challenging for even experienced internet marketers – but for novices it can be frustrating in the extreme. When a service like Nanacast manages to tick so many of the boxes required of a quality membership management platform, it is understandable, she believes, that users might overlook important features in its setup.

Quote startBecause we know the Nanacast system intimately, we are perfectly placed to set up membership sites and affiliate management systems with that platform – we are Nanacast expertsQuote end


And with WordPress fast becoming the platform of choice for online business sites, the fact that Nanacast fulfills so seamlessly the role of a WordPress shopping cart, is, she believes another reason why so many internet marketers have converted to Nanacast.

Done For You Service

Many with online businesses now outsource the time-consuming day to day tasks that keep them from focusing on the facets of the business at which they excel. These are often administrative and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies – but few people are skilled in an area as specific as Nanacast membership site setup. And that is where Create A Membership seems to have tapped into a very needy market.

“Because we know the Nanacast system intimately, we are perfectly placed to set up membership sites and affiliate management systems with that platform – we are Nanacast experts,” explained Ms Poole. “And the way we configure affiliate management systems, they will seem to run on autopilot.”

A free handbook on the different membership models is available for immediate download now at

About Create A Membership

In 2009 Carol Poole first used the Nanacast Membership system by becoming a member of an internet marketing forum. Since that time she has not only created membership sites of her own, but, together with husband Ray, they have helped others do the same.

In 2010 they created their done-for-you service, ‘Create A Membership’, which comprises a Simple Package, a Custom Package and a Complete Package. In addition, they have created a ‘Membership Tutor’ Manual and Video Tutorial program within, of course, the Nanacast system. This gives a step by step run through on how to set up your own Membership Site, with important tips and shortcuts available only to their members.

After extensive beta-testing, the Create A Membership Site service was officially launched on January 27, 2011.