Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses Our Membership Site Services?

People that purchase our membership site services are usually Internet Marketers, Authors, and Trainers that want to launch their own membership site but feel that the technology of setting it up is holding them back.

We can take care of all the hassle, and arrange to have Nanacast integrate with your shopping cart and email marketing program and also provide you with strategies to help you segment and manage your list.  In fact, managing this component is critical to your success.

We also have experience in how to market your membership site through regular, continuing promotion. We can help you tap into the gold-mine of instant recurring income that comes from running a Membership site with a hungry audience.

What do I need to get started?

Ideally, to get started you will have:

  • Purchased a Nanacast viral service
  • An autoresponder account
  • Headers that are 810 x 135px and 850 x 135 px in size
  • Banners for your affiliates – we recommend 125 x 125px and 468 x 60px
  • An Amazon S3 account
  • Content ready for your site (e.g. PDFs, Mind Maps, Video, Audio, Podcasts etc)
  • Video Streaming Service if you want to stream video

How long will it take to complete my Memberhsip Site?

Projects are usually completed within a week if all the content above is provided.  It then just becomes an issue of putting it all together, adding a banner and laying out the flow.

However, if you require custom graphics and banners then this may take a little longer.

Please note we are unable to offer live, 24 hour support or rush services.

Why do you recommend Nanacast?

Nanacast is a fully featured program that offers a total all in one solution. It can handle digital and physical products and can easily integrate with PayPal, autoresponder email programs as well as provide a solution for affiliate management.  There are many other solutions but many do not offer the same level of security or are more expensive to run and manage.

Why do you recommend hosting on Amazon S3?

Nanacast has been designed to integrate with Amazon S3 and using the two services together helps provide a secure way of managing your content. Storing large files such as video on your web hosting provider may cause issues with bandwidth and memory. Storing on Amazon will eliminate this issue.

Why do you recommend EVP (Easy Video Player) or Amazon EZS3?

We recommend a good video streaming player, unless you intend to only provide video files for download. We generally do not recommend that videos are provided as downloadable files on paid membership sites as these can easily be shared. It makes sense to only provide paying members access to content.

What Are the Create A Membership Site Assistance Terms?

Nanacast, Amazon S3 and Amazon EZS3 services are operated by 3rd party services and will incur costs over and above the quoted package prices. If there is a problem with any of these 3rd party suppliers you will need to contact them direct. Please note that we are not designers of any membership software.